About Us

Makukke is all about crafting versatile backpacks that make your travel and daily grind a breeze.

Our story kicks off in 2020, founded by Ivy, a 90s-born designer with a passion for both sports and adventure. Ivy knows the thrill of being on the move and dreamt of creating a backpack that's not only stylish but also practical—a go-to for every traveler and student, making their journey and studies a seamless experience.

Ivy drew inspiration from her wanderings by the lakeside in New Zealand. Witnessing young folks lugging around multiple bags for various purposes, she was determined to design a backpack that caters to diverse needs, perfect for both travel and everyday use.

Makukke isn't just about designing a better backpack; it's about redefining our expectations for versatility. Ivy delved into innovation beyond the norm, envisioning a backpack that carries values—sustainability, connectivity, and responsible travel.

With a team brimming with creativity and passion, Ivy brought Makukke to life. Each core member boasts solid design and user experience, committed to creating a backpack that fits various scenarios.

Today, our dedication to design and the belief in making a positive impact on the world are stronger than ever. Makukke's multifunctional backpacks are your dependable companions, whether you're on a journey or navigating through daily life. Let Makukke be a part of your travel and life stories.