How to Clean a Cotton Tote Bag

You have had your cotton tote bag for a few months, and it’s due for a bit of a wash. But how should you wash your tote bag to ensure it maintains its shape and most importantly in a way that keeps the  tote bag  as bright and bold as always?

Let Ivy tell you:

Spot Cleaning
For any stains on my tote bag, the easiest way to clean it is just by spot cleaning it. If I have a stain-removing spray, I can follow the directions on the bottle. If I don't have a stain remover, I can mix baking soda with a little warm water to create a paste, apply it to the stain, leave it for a bit, and then scrub it off. Another alternative is to soak the affected area in a solution of wine vinegar and warm water for a few hours and then rinse it with fresh water.

Hand Washing
If my entire bag needs a wash, Ivy advises me to handwash it. I should use my regular washing powder and lukewarm water to wash my tote bag. I should gently scrub my bag and try to avoid the print as much as possible since scrubbing too hard can affect the color and print.

Machine Washing
Machine washing is not recommended because the wash and spin cycle can cause shrinkage and alter the color and quality of my tote bag's print. But if I do decide to machine wash it, I should put my bag on a cool, low spin cycle. This way, I can maintain the size and print, but I should expect a slight distortion.

If I want an alternative to washing, I can try steaming my cotton bag. Steaming will remove any creases, clean long-term discoloration, and may even help remove stubborn stains from my tote bag. If I add some essential oil or scented antibacterial liquid to my steamer, I can even remove any unwanted smells.
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